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Each Laughsercise workout is a special blend of gut-busting comedy and body-toning moves.

A Guy Walks Into A Barreworkout1

Burn fat, tone, sculpt, and stretch – and give your abs special attention as you use your core to keep from doubling over the barre with laughter. All “A Guy Walks Into a Barre” classes are taught by instructors who are both Farley/Belushi dopplegangers and certified choreographers.

Take My Fat, Pleaseworkout2

By the sweat of Jane Fonda’s wristbands and the ghost of Henny Youngman, we created the first high impact cardio class fueled by one-liners and supported by sheer endurance. Allow us to take your fat… please!

Yo’ Mama’s So Skinny Gut Busterworkout3

In this 30-minute class, you’ll bust a gut while, well, busting your gut. This class is all about comic core conditioning – so say that 10x fast and while you’re huffing and puffing away that excess layer of midsection flab!

Larry’s Hootcamp

workout4Forget Barry and his Bootcamp, and come join Larry (Moe, Curly & Shemp) for “Larry’s Hootcamp”-- the ultimate physical class…. physical comedy, that is. You’ll sweat buckets while you slapstick your way through pratfalls, trips, slips, double takes, collisions, faints, and why I oughta… !

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