Laughsercise is the new exercise craze sweeping the country -- the first and only workout to engage all muscle groups while simultaneously employing underpaid comedians. Featuring workouts such as “A Guy Walks into a Barre” and “Take My Fat, Please,” you’ll shed pounds and inches while trying hard not to pee in your Activewear. LYFAO NOW! 
(And look good while doing so -- GET THE T-SHIRT!)

Omigod, omigod, omigod… I can't.. stop.. laughing. And sweating. And laughing. -- Kelly Q.
“I don’t even bring water to class anymore. Too many incidents snorting it out my nose and spraying my neighbor.” -- Kathy Q.
“Laughercise is a hoot! Literally – 'Larry’s Hootcamp' is the most effective and hilarious way to lose lbs. and inches. Plus I use the moves in my improv classes and get the biggest laughs of anyone.” -- Brandie P.

“I love the Yo’ Mama’s So Skinny Gut Buster. The instructor calls out, “Yo Mama’s so skinny” and we answer, “How skinny is she?” then have to do 30 seconds of killer core work to hear the punchlines like, ‘She uses Chapstick for deodorant,’ It always makes us LOL!” -- Sydney G.
“A Guy Walks Into A Barre” is the funniest damn class ever. If you’ve never seen a Belushi look-alike doing the splits to LMFAO’s 'Sexy & I Know It,' you’ve never lived!” -- Jordan R.
“I always bring an extra pair of lycras – I’m definitely the one they got the 'pee in your Activewear' line from. I’d love to give Laughsercise all of the credit, but truth is I probably didn’t do enough kegels after the third kid.” -- Judy K.
“I go to class just to give the hot chicks something to chuckle at. I tell them it's my civic duty. That always gets a laugh anyway.” -- Johnny G.

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